By Julie Peck, 2018 Tax Season Intern

I am glad I participated in the internship program at Barnes Wendling CPAs.  The internship is a well-rounded program focused on tax preparation with the opportunity to assist with financial statement preparation, and gain experience in Quickbooks. Everyone at the firm is willing to help with any questions you may have, especially since they know how intimidating it can be starting a new job fresh out of college.

The most challenging moment in my internship was during my second week with the firm. I was assigned an accounting job that I was unsure how to tackle.  I was frustrated and wasn’t understanding the concepts involved, but I continued to ask questions and do my best to finish the project.  Towards the end, two team members took the time to sit down with me and explain, in detail, the concepts we were applying and how the project we completed will affect the client.  I was feeling discouraged and was struggling, but ended up learning not only technical skills, but also communication skills. It’s clear when working for Barnes Wendling, everyone is rooting for you and wants to help you grow in your career. I’ve become more confident in my abilities and learned a lot in a short amount of time. I’m glad I chose the public accounting path because I’ve gained a vast amount of experience working with all types of entities and situations.

I would highly recommend the Barnes Wendling internship program to anyone wanting to progress and succeed in the accounting field.  Even if tax is not the path of accounting you are interested in, this internship will provide the opportunity to develop communication skills and gain real-life experience with accounting concepts.

To a new intern just starting at Barnes Wendling — don’t be embarrassed to ask questions.  It’s much better to admit you are confused on a topic and receive help rather than struggle on your own and not learn the proper way to complete the task. Also, don’t compare yourself to others. People learn at different paces. What’s important is that you are growing and becoming more confident with your abilities. There is a good chance the person you’re comparing yourself to also has areas of improvement.