One of the toughest challenges facing employers is finding, hiring, and retaining talent.  While the simplest solution is to pay employees a higher salary to keep them happy, this solution is neither cost-effective nor aimed at the long-term growth of an employee.

Employers must strive for alternative means to improve employee satisfaction with the goals of improving productivity in the workplace, increasing employee satisfaction, and retaining personnel long-term.

Empowering Entry-Level Staff and Supervisors
One strategy for retaining talent is to challenge employees by empowering them through job assignments.  Entry-level employees can be provided new or different assignments to rotate work and responsibilities from traditional roles. Supervisors can provide a voice for entry-level employees in scheduling, planning, reviewing and approving their work.

Supervisors should work within the team on larger aspects of the final deliverable, and managers should take active roles in client meetings and oversite of projects. Another strategy for empowering employees is to strengthen their roles within the organization.  This can be achieved by allowing employees a voice in management and the direction of the organization through committees and groups designed to oversee specific aspects of the organization, such as events or improvements committees

Give Employees Freedom with a Flexible Work Schedule
An important strategy for retaining talent is giving employees the freedom and responsibility of setting their own hours and schedules.  Flexibility within work schedules, the option to work from home, and the ability to leave and return to work for medical appointments or children’s events are major sources of employee goodwill.

Flexible work schedules give employees the feeling of controlling their day and moving towards a goal.  Further extensions of flexible work schedules include unlimited time off for professional staff, whereby assignments and deadlines are provided and the scheduling is resolved by the employee. Time off can serve as the reward for completing assignments in a timely manner.  The challenge herein is managing multiple employee styles and schedules to ensure work is allocated equally and no one employee is being taken advantage.

Improve Productivity with Continuing Education
The final strategy for retaining employees is through ongoing education and career advancement.  Frequent training enables employees to be at forefront of their field and further understand management goals, such as production goals, profitability, realization, and efficiency throughout the company.

Additional training can also improve the overall productivity of employees, by providing new revenue streams to companies and increasing the employee’s value and self-worth through their attainment of new skills.

Finding Talented Employees is Difficult; Retaining Them Shouldn’t be.
Listen to what your employees are telling you in evaluations, suggestion boxes, and around the water cooler.  Take note of what other companies out there are offering, and most importantly, think outside the box with the benefits your company can offer employees to retain top talent.

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