How did the Equifax breach occur?
Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies, recently announced a cybersecurity breach in July, exposing names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and drivers’ license numbers of 143 million customers. The cause of the breach was reported as a known vulnerability from a tool designed to build web applications commonly used by many businesses and government organizations.
Was the Equifax breach avoidable?
Equifax stated it was aware of the vulnerability in March and had patched all its systems, but later admitted that same vulnerability was exploited by the July breach. Simply put, if Equifax had patched their system when notified of the vulnerability, this breach would not have occurred.To avoid a similar breach, all businesses should have internal controls in place for patch management. Companies must validate controls are in place by assigning an internal auditor or hiring a qualified external auditor to validate the controls are suitably designed and operating effectively.
How can a SOC report help your business? 
System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports are designed to examine, assess, and report on various internal controls. At Barnes Wendling, our team of qualified professionals understand the importance of network security and will help you design and implement internal controls and data security for your business.Barnes Wendling offers a wide range of information technology services ranging from a basic network assessment to a full SOC report. We will work closely with your team to gain a better understanding of your business and provide practical solutions to address control weaknesses.
What are the benefits of investing in a SOC report?
  • Enhances the marketability of your business
  • Provides customers, potential customers, and stakeholders confidence that the systems and controls you have in place are secure and effective
  • Creates greater efficiency by identifying redundant or ineffective controls
  • Saves time and money on customer requests for controls information and audits
Contact a qualified advisor at Barnes Wendling today to learn more about IT and SOC services and how to take the proper action steps to avoid a data breach.