Thank you for taking interest in our survey, The State of Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. 

This survey was conducted by Bob Banjac, Adjunct Marketing Instructor at The University of Akron and sponsored by The Manufacturing Group at Barnes Wendling CPAs.

This study was conducted on privately-owned manufacturing companies, employing 25 to 500 workers and located within a 60 mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio. The surveys were conducted by phone interviews with company executives (Owner, President, CEO, COO, and VP’s). The length of the interviews ranged from 20 to 40 minutes. All company and interviewee names were kept confidential. Based on Reference USA database, in the 60 mile radius study, there were 1,384 privately owned manufacturing companies with primary NACIS codes 32 to 39, who have 25 to 500 local employees. The number goes down to 588 companies with 50 to 500 employees. This survey has only two firms that have less than 50 employees; the remaining range form 50 to 500. The sample size was 25 companies for the study.

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