By: Katherine Humphreys, 2018 Tax Season

During the past spring tax season, I interned at Barnes Wendling CPAs where I worked in the tax department and, more specifically, with the financial services tax group.

The internship was everything I expected and more. I was surrounded by such intelligent and helpful people in a very professional and inspiring environment. I felt like I was truly helping in the process due to comprehensive and continuous training throughout my internship.

Challenges During My Internship

The most challenging part of my internship was not being able to help the people around me as much as I would have liked as some of the work was beyond my skill level. However, I look forward to learning more and gaining further experience in the field, so I can work on complex clients.

I really didn’t know anything about taxes and had only taken one accounting course in school, therefore, I learned so much by the end of my internship.

What I Learned from My Internship

I learned how taxes work and the importance of little details. I was eventually able to recognize when things seemed off for a client. Another important skill I learned was how to communicate on a personal level with clients since the service at Barnes Wendling CPAs is personalized. There is no script, and I learned how to present myself as a staff member would.

My favorite memories from my internship were the nightly dinners the tax department would share. It was a time where everyone could take a deep breath and vent to each other about any frustration. It was always a great time full of laughs and a way to get to know everyone.

My Advice for Future Accounting Interns

I would tell future interns not to stress too much. They will learn quickly and eventually get the work done. The most important thing to maintain throughout this process is a good attitude. While work may get frustrating for an intern, it is always more stressful for the staff members.

The main duty of an intern is to help, and part of helping the staff is to stay positive during stressful situations. Offering to help in any way is essential to making your team’s job a bit easier.

I wholeheartedly would refer anyone looking for an internship, or for services or work, to Barnes Wendling CPAs. Everyone at the firm is so friendly, hardworking, and intelligent. I am so grateful I was given the opportunity of working there, and I’m proud of myself for doing the best I could. I am happy that they held me to such high expectations, even if I made some mistakes. I always felt the staff members believed in me and supported me.