• Does the work exposure provide the experience you are looking for? At Barnes Wendling, our internship program allows you to work in both tax and audit, helping you to decide which path is the best fit for you long term.


  • Are you interested in Public or Private Accounting? An internship in public accounting provides exposure to a variety of industries and organizations.


  • Does the company value their employees and interns alike? We have an open door policy at Barnes Wendling CPAs, so all employees and interns are free to have discussions with directors at any time.  One of our core values is the value of our team, specifically, providing a positive environment that fosters a balanced and successful team.  Interns are invited to company events, even before beginning their internship.  Seeing familiar faces on their first day helps to alleviate nervousness.


  • Are the team members you meet and/or interview with able to clearly describe the expectations of interns? Do they seem to care about you as a person?  At Barnes Wendling, we ensure everyone who you will meet with thoroughly understands our internship program so they are best prepared to answer questions you may have.  One of our core values is client service, specifically being professional, creative and exceeding client expectations.  As a candidate for the firm, an employee of the firm, or a client of the firm, we deliver the same level service every time.  You will find our team members to listen and help determine what is going to be the best decision for you personally.


  • Are previous interns employed at the company and what do past interns have to say about the program? We reach out to current and former interns first when we have open entry-level positions and as a result, 85% of our entry-level positions have been filled with former interns.  Ask us to speak with former interns about the program, they are happy to share their experiences and what a career here means to them.


  • How is the culture in the office? At Barnes Wendling CPAs, we work hard and providing outstanding customer service is a priority, but we have fun too!  We allow a relaxed dress code knowing our team of professionals will dress in business or business casual attire when their schedule for the day requires it.  Our open door policy actually exists and team members feel comfortable having conversations with colleagues of all levels.  Our employees are very welcoming, team-oriented and want to help you be successful.


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