Cleveland, Ohio: Barnes Wendling CPAs is proud to announce team member Steven Piatak, CPA, CFF, CFE has been promoted to director. He joins Barnes Wendling CPAs’ team of 13 directors. Piatak started with Barnes Wendling CPAs in 2013 and joined their business valuations services team.

“Steve’s practice area in business valuation has assisted us in our advisory role to our clients. Business value for transactions that he is responsible for often relies on outside data from publicly traded enterprises and private equity groups which helps to focus on attributes that drive highly successful organizations,” says Barnes Wendling President Jeffrey Neuman.

Piatak loves the intricacy of business valuation work and helped a previous firm initially establish their department and procedures for this type of work. He was hired at Barnes Wendling to join their department.

“I found the work to be quite interesting and different from traditional practice and became more interested. I received the initial credential and helped my previous firm develop and formalize their business valuation department,” says Piatak. “I love the work as every engagement is unique and has its own set of facts and circumstances. I look forward to continuing to grow the department and help it progress to the next level in terms of reach and capabilities,” he adds.

When Piatak joined Barnes Wendling 7 years ago, he quickly noticed the culture was more cooperative and there was a level of respect on all levels in the firm from admin to directors. He was given the opportunity to assist the business valuation department and now helps to run it. Piatak is highly respected in the business valuation sphere and has spoken multiple times through presentations, webinars, and podcasts. He also has written in multiple publications on this topic.

Although business valuation is a passion of Piatak’s, it is not his only one.  When he is not performing valuations, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and playing the guitar.

Barnes Wendling CPAs’ Business Valuation Services

The Barnes Wendling CPAs team consists of a team of business valuation experts, including three employees solely dedicated to this type of work. The valuation department typically performs over 100 engagements on an annual basis for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to financial reporting purposes, estate and gifting purposes, transactional/merger and acquisitions, ESOPs, and litigation.  The department also has extensive experience in working with a variety of private equity firms for valuations related to fair value, including but not limited to, the valuation of acquired intangible assets, the valuation of issued stock options, and goodwill impairment testing. Barnes Wendling realized a team specializing in business valuations would give their clients value and allow them to fulfill their client service objective of building and maintaining their clients’ net worth.

About Barnes Wendling CPAs

Barnes Wendling CPAs, a Northeast Ohio based accounting and business advisory firm, has been serving closely-held businesses and non-profit organizations since 1946. Barnes Wendling CPAs offers more than just your traditional accounting services and has a variety of consulting services created based on their clients’ needs. The company offers a team of educated, experienced professionals dedicated to one goal: building and maintaining clients’ net worth. For more information, visit www.barneswendl­ or call 216-566-9000.


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