6 Tips to Protecting Your Personal and  Business Data From Mobile Cybercrime 

Mobile phones have become increasingly useful in our daily lives it’s hard to imagine how we would function without them. However, your phone represents a significant vulnerability to the threat of cybercrime and the potential damage can wreak havoc on your personal data or your company’s data.

Whether your mobile phone has been issued to you by your company or issued as your personal phone for company business, mobile security should be a concern taken seriously.



Unemployment fraud

Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Latest Wrinkle in Growing Cybercrime 

Like residents of many other states, Ohioans were victimized by fraudulent unemployment claims in 2020, and some of them are just finding out now as the state sends out tax statements for the benefits. Unemployment benefit fraud is the latest wrinkle in the growing incidence of cybercrime, with perpetrators using phishing emails, “smishing” texts, and “vishing” voicemails to steal victims’ passwords and data.

Business email vulnerability

Cybercrime: Business Email Is a Common Gateway

The increase in cybercrime in the past several years shows no signs of abating, and as more of our business and personal lives are online the potential for compromise of financial accounts, email, and company data keeps growing. Our vulnerability is compounded by the increasing sophistication and resources of cyber criminals.

covid-19 impact

Cybercrime Spikes Amid COVID-19

Cybercriminals have capitalized on the COVID-19 crisis to exponentially increase their fraudulent activities, according to U.S. government agencies and private internet security firms. Americans who are working from home during the pandemic are particularly vulnerable and should be vigilant about phishing emails containing links to coronavirus-related topics and solicitations for charitable contributions, among other things. Beware the opportunity for cybercrime, especially now.

five risks with cyber-attacks

5 Risks Associated with Cyber Threats and Attacks 

From our experience in working with clients, researching cybersecurity threats and their detrimental impact, and attending cybersecurity seminars, we have compiled a list of five risk areas you need to be aware of and how to avoid them.

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Our IT staff and Cybersecurity consultants will help secure your system by identifying the security risks and creating an ongoing plan to maintain your system controls, ensure your software and hardware are kept up to date, and revise IT policies and procedures to protect your business against unforeseen attacks.


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