Going Above and Beyond Just Compliance

Financial reporting is crucial for stakeholders when evaluating the performance and creditworthiness of your business.

As independent professionals, Barnes Wendling CPAs offers high-quality financial statement services to validate and provide credibility for these stakeholders. However, our audit and assurance team goes beyond compliance to offer recommendations and solutions to strengthen your internal controls, increase efficiency within your business, and improve your profitability.

Audit & Assurance Services Team

Michael Essenmacher Director Headshot Michael S. Essenmacher CPA · Director
Michael Pappas Director Headshot Michael Pappas CPA, CEPA · Director
Director Rosemary Rehner Headshot Rosemary Rehner CPA, CEPA · Director
Laurie Gatten Director Headshot Laurie A. Gatten CPA, CFE · Director
Timothy Mayles Director Headshot Timothy D. Mayles CPA, CFF, CFE · Director
Jeff Schmittgen Director Headshot Jeffrey L. Schmittgen CPA · Director
Rob Zunich Director Headshot Robert G. Zunich CPA, ABV · Director
Kathrine T. Gabel CPA, CFE · Principal
Laure B. Javorsky CPA · Principal
Headshot of Lena Parks Lena M. Parks CPA · Principal
Jordan A. Batch CPA · Senior Manager
Headshot of Heather R. Cunningham Heather R. Cunningham CPA, MBA · Senior Manager
Zachary A. Weiss CPA · Senior Manager
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