Sustain your family business from generation to generation

The unique and delicate nature of a family business requires specialized services, support, and understanding to maintain the business through several generations. For over 75 years, Barnes Wendling CPAs has guided family business leaders through personalized growth strategies and successful leadership transitions.

We offer specialized services tailored to family business owners including:

  • Family Succession Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Training and Education
  • Financial and Cash Projections
  • Wealth Accumulation Strategies
  • Compensation Practices and Incentive programs
  • Preparation and Review of Buy-Sell Agreements

Family Business Services Team

Michael Pappas Director Headshot Michael Pappas CPA, CEPA · Director
Jeff Neuman Director and President Headshot Jeffrey D. Neuman CPA, J.D. · Director and President
Michael Essenmacher Director Headshot Michael S. Essenmacher CPA · Director
Larry Friedman Director Headshot Larry D. Friedman CPA, MT · Director
Laurie Gatten Director Headshot Laurie A. Gatten CPA, CFE · Director
Janine Iacobelli Director Headshot Janine M. Iacobelli CPA, CEPA · Director
Timothy Mayles Director Headshot Timothy D. Mayles CPA, CFF, CFE · Director
Director Rosemary Rehner Headshot Rosemary Rehner CPA, CEPA · Director
Jeff Schmittgen Director Headshot Jeffrey L. Schmittgen CPA · Director
Floyd Trouten Director Headshot Floyd A. Trouten III CPA · Director
Rob Zunich Director Headshot Robert G. Zunich CPA, ABV · Director
Donald P. Hanck CPA, ABV, CFF · Principal
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