Optimize your human resources operations

The most valuable asset to your business isn’t necessarily financial. Most of the time, it’s actually your employees.

That being said, many business owners struggle with the day-to-day (and long term) management of their human resources and capital. Seemingly more important duties get in the way, which begs the question: are you getting the most out of your employees?

Human resource management isn’t something any business owner can afford to take lightly. If an employee quits, gets fired, or takes another job, the result is sunk costs in the time and money you spent training that worker. Not to mention the resources it takes to find a replacement.

Optimizing your human resources operations will not only save you time and effort, but you’ll see a greater return on the investment you make in your staff, workers, and employees.

Our human resources consulting services

By outsourcing human resources practices and processes to the team at Barnes Wendling CPAs, you’ll be able to reduce employee cost and overhead while boosting productivity at the same time. You’ll spend less time thinking about whether or not your employees are satisfied and motivated, and more time focused on building a successful business.

We’re here to assist you with a variety of HR needs and processes, such as but not limited to:

  • Employee Handbooks: Your employee handbook is the expectation for how your personnel should function. Our CPAs can assist you in developing a new employee handbook, or reviewing, revising, and updating an existing one.
  • Human Resources Audits: We’ll help you take stock of your HR practices, and audit your processes to change or eliminate any weaknesses. Regular HR audits help identify (and correct) deficiencies before they evolve into bigger issues.
  • Recruiting Assistance: Barnes Wendling CPAs can assist in managing the initial interview and screening process, as well as review your current recruiting processes and procedures.
  • Job Descriptions: You’ll need to attract the right type of applicants to eventually hire the right person. We’ll help you craft job descriptions that will streamline the front-end of your hiring process.
  • HR Form Development: Every business deals with human resources related forms and paperwork. Let us help you develop forms that are clear, concise, compliant, and easy to process and understand for both you and your employees.

Our human resources consulting services are designed with performance management in mind, increasing the overall capacity of any business. Time and resources for many businesses owners are limited, making it hard to manage HR decisions and policies effectively. We’ll help you alleviate this burden, while also protecting your company, from a legal standpoint, by educating your company top-to-bottom on any changes or developments in your HR policy.

Human Resources Consulting Team

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