Due Diligence for Each Phase of the Deal

At Barnes Wendling CPAs, our accountants recognize that each deal presents unique challenges and opportunities. Our transaction advisory team offers a personalized approach to working with you, and any other outside advisors on your team, to achieve a successful and efficient transaction.

Our Transaction Planning Services

We offer a full range of planning services to meet the needs of almost any transaction, despite size or complexity.

This includes the following:

  • Acquisition Due Diligence: Prior to transaction completion, we’ll review contracts and quality of earnings. Our CPAs will help detail the deal, to assist you in deciding if the acquisition is not only feasible but also beneficial to your business.
  • Corporate Finance: We’ll assist in structuring your deal or purchase creating a contract using proper documentation. This gives buyers and sellers the best chance at maximizing profitability and satisfaction.
  • Operations Review: You’ll receive assistance in reviewing employees and collateral to decide what’s important to leave in (or out) of the deal. You’ll have a breakdown of manpower and HR, and know what positions are required, and which might be detrimental to the acquisition.
  • Buy (and Sell) Side Tax Planning: Our experienced CPAs will help take care of both buy and sell side tax planning and structuring before, during, and after the acquisition/transaction to ensure there are no surprises
  • Presale Assessment: A presale financial and tax assessment will effectively “clean up” your financials before going to market, optimizing your opportunity for profit. We’ll also help determine how taxes will be covered and addressed, protecting the buyer or seller from taking on additional, unexpected, tax-related costs.
  • Quality of Earnings Studies: At some point, many business owners will at the very least consider selling their company for profit. We’ll conduct a quality of earning study, and make all the necessary financial preparations for an eventual sale.

From mergers and acquisitions to the capital markets, Barnes Wendling CPAs are here to assist you in critical transactions, ensuring that everything goes smoothly, according to plan, and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Transaction Planning Services Team

Jeff Neuman Director and President Headshot Jeffrey D. Neuman CPA, J.D. · Director and President
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